I'm Thamwika,

a tech nerd by night, a business person by day, and a marketer passionate about digitalization and technology.

This is what I do

With a proven track record, I add value to SaaS, PaaS, and tech businesses by providing a 360° service. 
Besides finding creative solutions, I work proactively with;


Let’s define your persona.

What kind of pain are your customers experiencing? What is the impact that can you make? Is what you are communicating appealing and clear?


Your blueprint is everything.

How do you define your brand and your story? Do your visuals and tone of voice align with your identity? Is it creating recognition?


Let’s talk positioning.

Who is your target audience? How do we build their trust? What can we communicate to make it relevant to them? Which channels should we use that align with their habits?

About me

My mission

As a business person by day and a tech nerd by night, I found my true calling in helping tech companies find their unique voice.

My objective is to make complex ideas understandable and support the company’s growth by proactively working with branding, communication, and marketing strategies.

Being based in Stockholm, I’m surrounded by innovation and entrepreneurship, which is why it has become my second nature.

My strength lies in my ability to quickly wrap my head around complexity and make it into simple, beautiful, and quantifiable concepts.
As a person, I am driven, adaptable, and self-motivated.


Working on various projects using my core skills. Additionally, improving my project management skills while looking for the next step in my career.

Co-established Nordic Apiary as Head of Marketing. Fast-paced, multicultural, and such a fun challenge in positioning Apiary as a co-creation studio and investment company specializing in scaling Nordic tech startups on growth markets. Further, consulting portfolio companies (or other related) and carry out implementations. 

Starting the biggest project of all, raising the next generation. My amazing daughter gives me new skills and perspective every day when it comes to prioritizing and pushing my limits.

Returning to Sweden. Deepening my interest in technology’s impact on our daily life and businesses’ need for digitalization to survive.

Graduating from Stockholm University and fell in love with Shanghai in the process. Embarking on my professional Marketing career on the management level in one of the most challenging, high-paced, and exciting cities in the world – Shanghai.

Moving back to Sweden after many years abroad where I spent my first years as an adult discovering myself and figuring out my purpose, living in London and New York.

Moving to the States, and starting my studies at Columbia University. Met many interesting people who inspired my life path.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

– Sun Tzu